Charging made easy!

Plugin Africa will simplify your EV journey

Accredited Installers

All our installers are pre-vetted and certified to handle your charger installation needs

Level 2 Charging

Reduce your charging time from days to hours

Simplified Process

Plugin Africa streamlines the installation process keeping you updated every step of the way

Eco Friendly

The adoption of electrified solutions that are cleaner and healthier for our environment is crucial in reversing the impacts of climate change


About Us

The future of mobility is electric! And we’re bringing the charge

  • Plugin Africa streamlines the process of transitioning from ICE(Internal combustion engine) vehicles, to cleaner and more sustainable EV (Electric Vehicles). Our quality sourced charging solutions, together with our specialized network of certified installers will get your home or office ready for level 2 charging
  • Plugin Africa partners with dealerships and OEMs to enhance their customer experience for those looking to go electric
  • Our bidding platform enables the best price from our electrical contractors to the EV owner
  • We are upskilling a brand new generation of electrical contractors that will service the growing EV market
  • Our level 2 charging solutions will ensure your EV is fully charged over night, helping you forget about the burden of having to fill up your car
  • The EV revolution is here!
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Faster Charging