Learn about EV charging

Learn about level 2 charging

Congratulations on the purchase of your new EV and for taking a step towards a more sustainable future!

What are the differences between level 1 and level 2 chargers?

Using a Level 1 charger is the simplest way to power up at home because it plugs into a normal 120-volt electrical outlet. On the other hand, that means filling your battery could take a long time. Level 1 chargers get an average of 7km of drive, per hour of charge. A fully electric battery could take 20 hours or more, while a hybrid can be as few as seven. So, if you are like us and would prefer to start your day fully charged, then level 1 is not for you.

A Level 2 charging station is a much bigger commitment, but you’ll get up to 5 x faster charging and a full battery every morning to start your day. These stations need to be professionally installed without compromising the electronics of your house. That is where Plugin Africa comes in, to handle the procurement, installation and after sales service of your level 2 charger.

Say goodbye to range anxiety!